Introducing the Evoke

The First Smart Vaporizer Powered by Induction

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Our Indiegogo campaign was a success! We’ve reached over 300% of our target goal and accumulated in total over $225,000 to make the Evoke a reality.

Thanks to everyone’s support we will target early 2015 to release the Evoke. We’re incredibly excited and will keep you updated as we know more!

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Discover the Evoke

Our goal is simple, to create the world’s best portable vaporizer. We’ve designed the Evoke from the ground up to be a product we would want to use ourselves. The support we’ve received from our Indiegogo campaign has been overwhelming and we can’t wait to bring it to you!

Induction Heating


Induction Heating


Early Induction Example by the Loto Labs Team

Traditional vaporizers use a wick and coil system that degrades quickly, burns materials causing unhealthy particles, and must be replaced often. We developed the Evoke to address these problems by utilizing the principles of induction. The result is a superior vaporizer, which heats rapidly and evenly to desirable temperatures.

Unique Design


Early Evoke Model


Simple Functional Design

The Evoke’s unique design will be ergonomic in your hand and something you will want to show off. A lot of thought went into every aspect of this vaporizer, from easy loading and cleaning to replaceable batteries. From our own experiences and through feedback, we are here to build an unprecedented vaporizer that will last for many years.

Arriving Early 2015

Loto Labs’ Evoke will be released in early 2015. We’re currently in the process of creating working prototypes and we’ll keep you up to date when we have more to show.

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