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The Evoke is the first smart vape powered by induction. Our goal is simple: to create the world's best vaporizer. We are a small group of friends who set out, not to simply create the best product possible, but to change the world of vaporization. We set out on this quest because we were simply not happy with the vaporizers we were using every day; the products simply did not live up to expectations.

The Evoke will be the vaporizer we at Loto Labs are dying to use. It will be beautifully crafted, fit ergonomically in your hands, require low maintenance, create massive clouds, and works amazingly time after time.

about induction heating

induction heating example

The biggest difference between the Evoke and all other portable vaporizers is the heating element. Whereas other vapes use a wick and coil system that degrade quickly and need to be replaced often, the Evoke will use induction heating.

The benefits of induction heating are simple: it heats up extremely fast and is very durable. Consumers find out the hard way that even high-end expensive vaporizers break down after weeks or months of use all because of the flawed coil heating system. With the Evoke and its unique induction heating, we aim for your thousandth use to be as good as your first!

about loto labs

At Loto Labs we have seen the devastating effects of smoking and we believe vapor is a healthier alternative. The vaporizing industry currently represents a rapidly growing share of a massive smoking market, but has no regulation and very little transparency. The current vaporizers on the market leave a lot of room for improvement. Rather than wait for FDA regulations, we want to create a high-end vaporizer that is flat out better than any current product.

Neeraj Bhardwaj

Neeraj grew up in State College, Pennsylvania, and received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Acousto-optics and Microelectronics from the Pennsylvania State University. He received an Executive MBA from Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business, with an emphasis in tech startups. Neeraj has over 11 years of Global Sales and Marketing experience in Optics, High Tech, Software and Non-Destructive Testing. He is currently the President of Fundality Inc., an equity crowdfunding portal. As Business Development Director who has driven profits to new heights through focused social media, web, channel strategy, program management, and mobile marketing solutions, his work has created profit at every turn. He has served on the Board of Directors of several companies, raised capital and is credited with several patents.

Andrew Bleloch

Andrew is a recent transplant to Silicon Valley from the UK. His background is in physics with over 100 research papers published. He did his PhD at Cambridge University and remained in academia until moving to Silicon Valley in 2011. He is particularly enjoying applying his physics knowledge to a wide rage of problems from DNA sequencing to next generation computing and including heat delivery in Vaporizers.

Gabe Brown

Multi-media artist, designer and autodidact, Gabe was born in Montreal, Quebec, and studied fine arts at the University of Western Ontario. His paintings were the feature of a solo show at the gallery Art du Q in Quebec. He has directed two independent films. Gabe currently lives in Palo Alto where he builds custom wood furniture.

James Lin

James grew up in the Bay Area where he was enamored by the Internet and website creation at a young age. Self taught in various web languages and graphic arts, James attended college at San Jose State University and worked in various companies from large corporations to small start ups. His passion in creating websites led him to create his own company where he develops his own sites and also freelances.